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 Percy Jackson&the Olympians - The Lightning Thief

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BeitragThema: Percy Jackson&the Olympians - The Lightning Thief   So 8 Sep 2013 - 13:56

>>Being a half-blood is dangerous. It's scary. Most of the time, it gets you killed in painful, nasty ways.<<

Percy Jackson is about to be kicked out of boarding school... again. And that's the least of his troubles. Lately, mythological monsters and the gods of Mount Olympus seem to be walking straight out of the pages of Percy's Greek mythology textbook and into his life. And worse, he's angered a few of them. Zeus's master lightning bolt has been stolen, and Percy is the prime suspect.
Now Percy and his friends have just ten days to find and return Zeus's stolen property and bring peace to a warring Mount Olympus. But to succeed on his quest, Percy will have to do more than cath the true thief: he must come to terms with the father who abandoned him; solve the riddle of the Oracle, which warns him of betrayal by a friend; and unravel a treachery more powerful than the gods themselves.

Autor: Rick Riordan
Serie: Percy Jackson & The Olympians
Verlag: Disney-Hyperion
- Gebunden: 384
- Taschenbuch: 375
- Gebunden: 1. Juli 2005
- Taschenbuch: 1. April 2006
ISBN: 978-0786838653
Preis: 13,00€ (Gebunden); 6,20€ (Taschenbuch)

Habt ihr The Lightning Thief gelesen? Wie fandet ihr das Buch? Teilt eure Meinung mit uns! (=

~ "That means I can smash him to a pulp as often as I want, and he'll just keep coming back for more. I like this idea." ~

~ "Why don't I turn you into a prairie dog and run you over with my Harley? Because I don't feel like it. A god is giving you an opportunity to prove yourself, Percy Jackson. Will you prove yourself a coward? Or maybe  you fight only when there's a river to dive into, so your daddy can protect you." ~
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Percy Jackson&the Olympians - The Lightning Thief
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