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 The Heroes of Olympus - The Son of Neptune

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BeitragThema: The Heroes of Olympus - The Son of Neptune   So 8 Sep 2013 - 15:40

>>In the middle of the Tiber, Frank stumbled around, looking stunned but perfectly fine. Hazel waded out and helped him ashore. Only then did Percy realize how quiet the other kids had become.<<

One cursed demigod,
Two new heroes.
A quest to unleash the
God of the death...

"I'm the god of Rome. I protect the legions. I don't want war without end. You will serve me."
"Not likely," Percy said.
"I order a quest!" the god announced. "You will go north and find Thanatos in the land beyond the gods. You will free him and thwart the plans of the giants."

Autor: Rick Riordan
Serie: The Heroes of Olympus
Verlag: Disney-Hyperion
Seitenanzahl: 513
Erscheinungsdatum: 4. Oktober 2011
ISBN: 978-0141335735
Preis: 14,80€ (Gebunden); 7,20€ (Taschenbuch)

Das ist der 2. Band der Nachfolgereihe. Wie fandet ihr ihn?

~ "That means I can smash him to a pulp as often as I want, and he'll just keep coming back for more. I like this idea." ~

~ "Why don't I turn you into a prairie dog and run you over with my Harley? Because I don't feel like it. A god is giving you an opportunity to prove yourself, Percy Jackson. Will you prove yourself a coward? Or maybe  you fight only when there's a river to dive into, so your daddy can protect you." ~
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The Heroes of Olympus - The Son of Neptune
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